Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Miniart farm cart 1/35

Miniart farm cart, painted with acrylics and weathered with oils and pigments. I've made some additional parts from scratch to enhance the detail.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

King Tiger (Henschel) 1/35 Meng

Inbox review of the new King Tiger (Tiger Ausf.B or Tiger II) from Meng in 1/35.

Medium sized box with very nice box-art on the top and two camouflage profiles on the sides, with paint number by AK Interactive.

First sprue with the turret parts and jigs for the tracks and engine meshes

Very nice rolled texture on the turret

Side skirts, engine covers, tow cables

Various small parts-hatches

The turret roof

Two types of gun mantlets

Two variants of exhaust shields

Fours sprues with tracks-link and lengths segments

No ejector pin marks, excellent detail overall

The wheels have very nice detail, such as bolts

Two sprues with the drive sprockets, idler wheels and other small details

Upper part of the hull, rear panel

Again, very nice texture and weld seams

Machine gun MG34, although muzzle have to be drilled, after removing from the sprue

Lower hull is one piece

Rubber caps for attaching the wheels

Two figures included, although detail is not very good

Clear sprue with periscopes

Small steel PE fret with the engine meshes

Decal sheet with markings, quality is mediocare

Instruction booklet with assembly steps

Color sheet with the camouflage profiles, two vehicles with Zimmerit

In the end this is very nice model of the King Tiger (Henschel) from Meng in 1/35 scale.